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Ponca School

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Ponca Public School Staff

E-Mail Addresses

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  Staff E-Maill Addresses (Updated 6/22/2020)
Cindy Anderson Ponca/Jackson Elementary Elementary Guidance
Linda Anderson Jackson Elementary Para at Jackson
Pat Anderson Ponca/Jackson Elementary Title I Elementary
Lisa Balvantin Ponca High School English
Dacia Beyke Ponca High School Family Consumer Science
Patti Boyle Ponca Elementary Office Lunch/Secretary
Jeanne Brandt Ponca High School Office High School Secretary
Mike Brandt Ponca High School Social Studies/Psychology
  Beth Burki Jackson Elementary Elementary Resource
Lindsay Burrell Ponca Elementary Elementary Resource
Jill Camargo Ponca High School Spanish
Stacey Carnell Ponca Elementary 5th Grade
LeAnn Curry Jackson Elementary Kindergarten-Jackson
Suzette Curry Ponca High School Business/Computers
  Hannah Davis Ponca/Jackson Ponca & Jackson Speech
Troy Evans Ponca High School Physical Education
Mishelle Fields Ponca Elementary 4th Grade
Sandy Finseth Jackson Elementary Para
Caleb Foulks Ponca/Jackson Custodian
Sue Fox Ponca High School Guidance Secretary
Hannah Fuchs Ponca/Jackson Psychologist
Kristi Goetz Ponca School Lunch Manager
Rachel Goetz Ponca High School Ponca HS Para
  Mary Granato Ponca School Custodian
Fran Hassler Ponca High School Secondary Guidance
Bob Hayes Ponca/Jackson Athletic Director/Elem/Principal
Kristie Hayes Ponca/Jackson School Technologist
Stacy Heald Jackson Elementary Jackson Para
Sheila Herfel Ponca/Jackson Nurse
Janet Hoffman Jackson Elementary Custodian
Trish Hoffman Jackson Elementary 1st Grade-Jackson
Kamber Hogan Jackson Elementary Jackson Para
Lisa Hohenstein Ponca Elementary Ponca Elem Para
Lorrie Huston Ponca School Business Manger
Becky Irwin Ponca/Jackson Librarian
  Grant Jager Ponca Bus Driver
Cheri Janssen Ponca High School HS Resourse-Para
Sandy Jensen Ponca Elementary Ponca Elem Para
Katie Keifer Jackson Elementary 2nd Grade-Jackson
  Hope Knedler Jackson Elementary Music
Lynelle Krohn Ponca School Kitchen
Duane Krusemark Ponca/Jackson Superintendent
Derek Lahm Ponca High School High School Principal
Paula Larsen Ponca High School Mathematics
  Karen Maclaren Ponca School Kitchen
Samantha Mennenga Jackson Elementary Pre-K - Jackson
  Kaye McAfee Jackson Elementary Kitchen
Ryan Olander Ponca High School Industrial Tech
Marylin Peters Jackson Elementary Jackson Para
Kory Pfister Ponca Elementary 6th Grade
Adam Poulosky Ponca High School History/Government
Staci Pridie Jackson Elementary 1st Grade-Jackson
Kristin Reuter Ponca High School English
Carol Ryan Ponca High School Secondary Resource
Annette Schnoor Jackson Elementary Bus driver
Adam Simington Ponca Elementary 3rd Grade
  Kelli Socknat Jackson Elementary Jackson Lunch Manager
Mari Sprakel Jackson Elementary 2nd Grade - Jackson
Andy Stark Ponca/Jackson School Technologist
Jessica Steckly Ponca High School Band
Andrea Stewart Ponca High School HS Resource Room
LaRita Stewart Ponca Elementary 5th Grade
John Street Ponca School Library-Para
John Street Ponca Elementary 4th Grade
Stacey Carrell Jackson Elementary Ponca Elementary Para
Jessica Templeman Ponca Elementary 3rd Grade
Joann Todd Jackson Elementary Kindergarten
Keith Trusty Ponca High School Science
  Ashley Uthof Ponca/Jackson Secretary
Cathy Velez Ponca Elementary Para
Sadie Voss Ponca High School Mathematics
Jessica Walsh Ponca/Jackson PE/Keyboarding
Adam Webb Ponca High School Vocal Music
Shannon Webb Ponca Jr. High JH Math/Science
Zane Webb Ponca Elementary 6th Grade
  Sadie Wehmeyer Ponca School Kitchen
Lisa Wenger Ponca High School Art Ponca Elemenary / HS
  Nancy Wimmer Ponca Bus Driver
  Trevin Wimmer Ponca/Jackson Custodian/Bus Driver
  Mallory Wortmann Ponca High School High School Science