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Kami Step by Step Resources

The Kami Toolbar

Setting up Kami for Teachers and Students

Create Assignments in Kami for Google Classroom

How do students open and turn files in through kami?

How are my files and annotations Stored?

How to Enable and Disable Kami as the Default File Viewer?

How can Students Collaborate Using Kami and Google Classroom?

Does Kami Work Offline?

Kami How to Videos

Using Kami to Annotate PDFs and Submit Them in Canvas

Getting Started with Kami

How to Highlight Text

How to Use Text to Speech in Kami

How to use Video Annotation Tool

How to use the Strikethrough Text Tool

How to Split and Merge Documents

Google Classroom Integration

How to Add Images to a Document

How to use the Dictionary Tool in Kami

How to Add Lines and Arrows in Kami

How to Use the Equation Editor in Kami