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Ponca School


Class of 1925

Class 1925   1925 Annual (Click to view)

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Class of 1920

Class of 1920 Name  Mildred Barker  Marian Cook (Warnack  Maude Curry (Maskell)  Caroline Fitzgerald (Miilee) . . .

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Class of 1921

1921 Annual (click to view online) It's takes a minutes or two to load  Grace Curry   James Davey  Arba Dewitt  Lavonna Force . . .

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Class of 1924

1924 Annual (Click to open annual)  Arthur Berens  William Berens  Lucille Blecker  Beulah Childs  Carl Crombie . . .

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Class of 1922

Name Class of 1922 1922 Annual (click to view)    Maxell Auge   Lois Butler (Milan)   Louise Fackelman . . .

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Class of 1923

Name Class of 1923  Marjorie Austin  Esthelen Barker Margaret Brewer  Stanley Briney  Wanda Briney Thomas Burke Ruth Carter Reberta . . .

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Class of 1926

Name  (Class of 1926) Anna Bauman  Ardath Beller  Charles Dunn  Lloyd Fackelman Lucille Garth Florence Hurley Helen Iverson Ida James . . .

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Class of 1927

Name (Class of 1927)  Darrel Beller  Norbert Berens  Lola Cook  Mary Cory  Catherine Davey  Vera Dennis Darrel Enders . . .

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Class of 1928

Name (Class of 1928)  Carl Armstrong  Marie Armstrong  Susan Berens John Casey  Zella Ginsberg Everett Hamel Edith Hurley  Carl . . .

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Class of 1929

Name (Class of 1929)  Amy Christopherson  Burt Cook  Melvin DeWitt Paul Enders  Norris Enders Paul Greschke Frank Hurley Urie Iddings . . .

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