Newspapers and Television Links


Local News


            KTIV                                       Channel 4 in Sioux City, IA

            KCAU                                     Channel 9 in Sioux City, IA

            KMEG                                     Channel 14 in Sioux City, IA

            Sioux City Journal                  Local newspaper for Sioux City and surrounding areas

            South City Star                       Weekly local newspaper in South Sioux City

Norfolk Daily News                Weekly local newspaper in Norfolk, NE

Lincoln Journal Star               Lincoln newspaper for Lincoln, NE

Omaha World Hearld              Local newspaper for Omaha, NE


National News


            ABC News                               Web-based news site

            CNN                                        Web-based news site

            FoxNews                                 Web-based news site

            MSNBC News                         Web-based news site

            Time                                        Time Magazine online edition

            USA Today                              USA Today online edition